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  • Expand A Drain is a Registered Trademark together with a Registered Design certification, both which have successfully formed a 100% products designed and manufactured in South Africa company.
  • New linear perforated cover grid
    Walk-In Shower Channel Drainage Solutions form part of our range, there are optional choices available relative to their covers, they include SOLID, TILE-INLAY and the new LINEAR PERFORATED designs. All products are 100% grade 304 and 316 brushed Stainless Steel and are guaranteed against rust under normal conditions.
  • Designer Tile-Inlay Expand A Drain channels offer an invisible drainage solution, an integration of floor tile specified is matched to the inner tile-inlay cover-grid and thus concealing the drain position.
  • New Expand- A- Drain corner shower / floor drain for compact shower configurations, available in SOLID, TILE-INLAY and PERFORATED options.
  • Expand – A – Drain CENTRE shower drain is practical for most shower configurations, available in SOLID, TILE-INLAY and PERFORATED options.
  • Our complete range of floor drains and channels are manufactured together with an under-part design of an integrated anti-odour trap. Together with a dual hair-trap grid offer an effective drainage solution avoiding bad odours from entering the drain.
  • Specification of a SOLID cover design offers many advantages such as concealing the waste been drained and are easily matched to busy tile-patterns and or colours chosen.
  • The Expand – A – Drain product design is aimed at simple installation with minimal parts, together with durability and a compact anti-odour trap system. No chemicals are required to clean-off covers and grids, pure-water with a soft sponge is all that is required to maintain a smooth and clean surface.
  • New Universal Floor Drain with mini grease-basket is available with horizontal or vertical outlet. Practical for domestic and commercial kitchens where cleaning and disposing of solid type wastes is required. Available in SOLID, TILE-INLAY or PERFORATED options.
  • Standard designs are available off-shelf when required, custom manufactured products specified are supplied after custom manufacture within 2-3 weeks from date of order.

Expand A Drain is an effective and aesthetically pleasing drainage solution for multi-domestic and commercial projects

Expand-A-Drain is an excellent, effective drainage solution. Our unique registered design ensures maximum drainage, without blocking or clogging.
Expand-A-Drain is available in various different sizes and designs.
For more information, please feel free to browse our product page, or download our Product Documents and Manuals.