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About Expand A Drain

We are Expand – A – Drain – 2009-2017 Development:

In 2009 a range of shower channel options were designed and developed for architects in South Africa whom requested new drain technology for specification purposes. From thereon the range developed to include floor-drains and options for storm-water drainage requirements. Our registered brand has grown from strength to strength, offering a reliable and aesthetically suitable choice of off the shelf or custom manufactured products.

The entire range is 100% locally manufactured in South Africa, our production facility allows complete manufacture under one roof- from laser cutting of the sheet material to final tig-welding and acid wash. We monitor production and quality on a daily basis and hence supply a reliable product range in order to supply residential and commercial projects timelessly.

A key design feature integrated with all Expand – A – Drain products is our uniquely designed anti-odour trap. The trap design allows access directly to and as far as where the outlet pipe begins, an included hair-grid on the trap part insert avoids long hair from entering the outlet which could cause problematic blockages down the line. Products with trap heights of 60mm (renovations with shallow slab depth) and 80mm for new projects where the concrete slab can be designed to accommodate this particular type.

Finished results are what plays part to a successful project, we offer a range of SOLID, TIL-INLAY or LASER-CUT with pattern cover type grids. The SOLID type we believe are most practical, they are easily matched to any tile pattern or colour and avoid unsightly view of waste and hair within the drain channel.

A quality guarantee of 10 years against all of our products is supplied with every purchase, our grade 304 and 316 brushed stainless – steel is purchased locally and all orders are supplied with a certificate of certification on each delivery from our suppliers.

Please browse through our product manuals and kindly contact us should you have any questions further regarding your project.

EXPAND – A – DRAIN – Made To Drain…